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Opera is the new Veronese dessert created by Pasticcerie d’Elite Association.

A product that combines passion and tradition, local ingredients and a high quality process.

In the preparation of Opera, every single detail makes the difference:

use of natural yeast

three refreshments of the natural yeast

two doughs of the dessert, in total

100% selected ingredients (butter, almonds, orange paste ...)

vanilla and aromas of absolute value

The new act of Veronese pastry

Opera is an explosion of aromas and flavors, made possible by the dialogue and active collaboration between the expert artisans of the Association.

The refinement of the ingredients and the care in the preparation ensure a taste ready to surprise you from the first moment!

In addition, for each dessert sold, part of the proceeds are donated to local charities and associations.

What are you waiting for? Discover the pastry shop closest to you and order Opera today!