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Pasticcerie d’Elite is an association that reunites artisan pastry chefs of Verona, united by a deep passion for their work and a constant commitment to create high quality products.

Verona offers a territory rich in resources and a great pastry history: this is witnessed by Pandoro, born in the historic center of the Scaligera city and which has become a successful dessert all over the world.

United by the idea of ​​creating a new product, able to represent the Veronese tradition (find out more about Opera here), the group has been able to transform what could have seemed a conflict of activities into an opportunity for concrete growth: take advantage of research and continuous dialogue between local professionals to represent the true quality of local pastry.

The strength of the Association is to be a team composed primarily of pastry chefs, even before that of companies: in the midst of many industries, which increasingly penalize the goodness and care in the preparation of desserts, we are proud to feel a bit artists in creating products that, in some way, remain unique and unrepeatable.

After all, if the history of our pastry shops is still so strong after so many years, it’s because we invest in good craftsmanship and believe that the satisfaction of our customers is still the first, true, value.

Discover the 11 pastry shops that are part of the Association